The Basics of Cleaning and Pressing

What is Comic Book Dry Cleaning and Pressing?

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Dry cleaning uses gentle erase materials that lifts and removes dirt, ink transfer and other substances from comic books. Dry cleaning at LGC is assigned blue label universal status by third party graders like CGC. It does not remove restoration, foxing, dust/sun shadows or damage such as tears to a book. Pressing reduces or removes creases, dents, impressions, and other defects. Comics at LGC are inspected after cleaning and pressing to ensure the best consistent results are achieved before they are sent back to you or on to the next location.

Why Dry Clean and Press Comics?

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If you're a collector who simply wants their comic books to look their best or are interested in improving their grade or condition for resale, dry cleaning and pressing may be something of interest to you! Dry cleaning, hydrating and hot/cold pressing reduces or removes a variety of comic book defects. LGC will assess your comics before treatment to determine if they are good candidates for improvement.

Comic books can realize visual and grade improvements by reducing or removing defects. Sales of books with increased grades can represent significant price increases. These can be seen by checking a variety of online resources such as sold auctions on eBay, GoCollect or on GPAnalysis. The same comic book value recorded for Amazing Spider-Man 101 from October 1971 has sold in these average grades/prices during 2019: 7.0 for 508USD$ , 8.0 for 774USD$ , and 9.0 for 1163USD$. (Source GPAnalysis)

Sending My Comics to LGC

What are Good Comic Book Candidates for Cleaning & Pressing?

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Many comic books can be improved by dry cleaning and pressing. Books with creases, folds, or surface imperfections that do not break colour, bends, dirt, or ink transfer can all be removed or reduced by cleaning and pressing. Books that are brittle or have significant restoration including glue may benefit by localized hand tacking or other treatments, or may benefit by restoration processes beyond standard cleaning and pressing.

How Can I Submit my Comics to LGC?

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Submitting your comics to LGC is easy whether you have a few highly-priced gems, or hundreds of comics as a special bulk order. Go to our submit orders page, enter your personal contact information, and choose from our options to enter individual comic book information for smaller orders, or general information (averaged condition and book value) for special bulk orders. After completing this form, we will send you a confirmation email. You can send us your books and we will invoice you when we receive them. Payment can be made easily online. We will then process your books and ship them back to you. Local pickup orders can also be arranged. Please call 519-770-6711

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